Thunderdance Film Festival: A celebration of underrepresented voices and emerging talent. With a commitment to accessibility, Thunderdance provides a platform for diverse filmmakers to showcase their work. Embracing creativity and fostering a fun atmosphere, it's a dynamic festival that challenges norms and inspires new perspectives in the world of cinema.

Thunderdance was born in November 2017 as a passion project by Josh Trigg, creating a thriving platform that offered young filmmakers a chance to showcase their work, forge connections, and immerse themselves in a supportive community. As an annual event, Thunderdance captivated audiences with its captivating themes, encompassing both light and dark narratives. In 2018, during the Dark festival, Thunderdance introduced a groundbreaking mental health-based category.

The festival thrived on the creativity, passion, and dedication of its participants and audiences, fostering a sense of community and celebrating the magic of storytelling.

The year 2019 marked a momentous occasion for Thunderdance as it embarked on its first-ever pop-up festival in Cannes. Held on June 18th, this extraordinary event paid homage to its iconic location with the compelling theme of "Crime of Passion." Exploring the depths of impulsive acts fueled by sudden strong impulses, Thunderdance Pop-Up in Cannes showcased exceptional films across various categories. From captivating narratives and thought-provoking documentaries to visionary directors, talented actors, mesmerizing cinematography, groundbreaking music videos, experimental projects, and narratives addressing mental health, the festival celebrated the diverse range of cinematic achievements.

Rutger Hauer who sadly passed away during the pandemic was a patron and lead judge of the festival since it's inception.

Throughout the years, Thunderdance proudly assembled an impressive panel of jurors. Visionaries like director David Nutter, Roar Uthaug, Alicia Vikander, the legendary Rutger Hauer, producer Barry Waldman, Colin Salmon, and Shaun Sipos brought their expertise to the festival, elevating it to new heights. Thunderdance provided a nurturing environment for talented filmmakers, fostering connections and offering valuable feedback to winners. The festival played a pivotal role in launching promising careers, propelling directors into the spotlight, and garnering industry recognition.


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