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Trophies at award shows recognize talent, hard work, and excellence. They symbolize achievement, inspire creativity, and celebrate success. At Thunderdance we've had a few different ones. Here's how it's evolved.

In the early stages of the first Thunderdance Film Festival, we wanted to create a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants and attendees. Given the limited budget and our humble beginnings, we decided to distribute hoodies as a token of appreciation and a symbol of our shared journey. We believed that it was the thought behind this gesture that mattered most, fostering a sense of belonging and marking the beginning of what would become a remarkable film festival. Those hoodies represented our commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive community in the face of challenging budgets, embodying the spirit of humble beginnings.

It wasn't just about making a trophy. It's about designing an icon. We wanted to make something that people actually wanted to win.

After the success of the Thunderdance Film Festival's initial editions, we sought to commemorate each Dark Edition with a special token of appreciation. We decided to introduce commemorative coins as a distinct and pocket-sized keepsake for our attendees. These coins were meticulously designed, with each edition featuring a unique design that reflected the festival's theme and character. The use of metal in the form of these commemorative coins added a touch of gravitas, symbolizing the significance of the festival and providing a tangible memento for participants to cherish. These coins became cherished collectibles, embodying the essence of the Thunderdance Film Festival Dark Edition and serving as enduring reminders of the extraordinary cinematic experiences it offered.

The upcoming redesign will be a transformative moment, forever solidifying Thunderdance's identity as a trailblazer in the industry.

As the Thunderdance Film Festival expanded its reach and gained recognition, we recognized the importance of aligning with industry standards and the desire to compete with other prestigious award shows. With this in mind, we experimented with a more traditional trophy design for the festival's presence at Cannes. The intention was to elevate the festival's stature and create a visually impressive symbol of achievement. However, our commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries means that we are constantly evolving. In our pursuit of uniqueness and distinction, we have realized that it is time to embark on another redesign, one that will capture the essence of Thunderdance and leave an indelible mark on the world of film festivals. The upcoming redesign will be a transformative moment, forever solidifying Thunderdance's identity as a trailblazer in the industry and a format we will stick to going forward.

Thunderdance official logo.